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Clearly a buzz word today.  The definition really is the capacity to endure. We hear this term applied to environmental issues and business results, but what does it really mean and how do you achieve it?  In business, sustainability refers to our ability to be here tomorrow – and to be relevant tomorrow.  As a financial measure, we look at sustainability as meeting the financial objectives short, near and long term.

At the core of being relevant, successful and viable over the long-term companies must constantly re-evaluate mission, vision and values.  Employees should be rewarded for innovative thinking and for challenging the process.  This goes back to a skill we all learned at around two-years old, that many of us have forgotten:  Keep Asking Questions!   What?  Why? And How? are very powerful questions that can become a natural part of any corporate culture, which will, when used properly help ensure products stand up to the test of time, that new standards of service meet the needs of the future clients and that you can continue to innovate beyond today’s needs.

Authored by: Zack Clark, MBA

Zack is a Senior Consultant and one of the founding partners at Five Degrees Consulting.  This is a blog we share  between several of the Consultants at Five Degrees, guest authors and colleagues.  We work with companies large and small on People and Organization strategies.  Our work specializes in organizational development, leadership effectiveness and executive development. With a focus on working with leaders at all levels to create an intentionalcorporate culture, we help organizations increase employee engagement, energize working teams, develop critical leadership competencies and enhance strategic communications for more information about our services, please connect with us.
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